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Being a product of a broken family, Kevin D' Adamo was forced to live on his own at 15 years old. 

Kevin began working in labor unions to make a "good" living, until his brother, Michael, showed him an incredible opportunity to live the life he has always dreamed. 

Kevin eventually went into business with his brother, and became a multi-millionaire before the age of 30. 

Kevin D' Adamo

President & CFO

Michael D' Adamo embodies the reality of the American Dream. 

This self-made man came up the hard way in the rough and tumble housing projects of Brooklyn, New York.

He began his business at the age of 18 and, at the age of 22, he became a millionaire.

In recent years, D' Adamo has added a number of businesses to his portfolio with the specific goal of giving back to the larger community.

Michael D' Adamo

Founder & CEO

At the T.O.P.

Michael D' Adamo
Kevin D' Adamo
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