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Kevin D' Adamo

President & CFO

Being a product of a broken family, Kevin D' Adamo was forced to live on his own at fifteen years old.  Working two to three jobs at once didn’t leave him the time he needed to focus on school.  He ended up not completing his high school education or ever thinking about college.  Although this wouldn’t be the ideal way for a typical fifteen year old to spend their time, he was fortunate to learn the trade skills and work ethic most people would not obtain until their later years.

At the age of eighteen, Kevin was offered a position in the construction union, Local 731 and Local 1298 (labor unions).  Earning 50k a year, he thought he had found his big break.  Stability and consistency was number one on his list to being successful at the time. 

Around the same time that Kevin landed his construction position, his twin brother, Michael, had started working in direct marketing.  He was always working very long hours and wasn’t earning what Kevin had believed to be a decent income for all of his hard work.  At one point, Kevin offered to get him a position in the union working alongside him.  To his surprise, Michael declined his offer to pursue his dreams of becoming a business owner and a millionaire.  Michael’s goals seemed impossible and unattainable to Kevin.  Kevin thought the company he was working for was selling him false hopes and dreams and Kevin, being Michael's brother, was unable to show him the “truth” about being successful. 

Another career opportunity was presented two years later to become a mechanic with the Board of Education. Kevin was earning more than the average twenty year old, plus he had benefits and paid time off.  He had a rhythm. He worked a 40 hour work week and received a big check at the end of it.  Who could ask for anything more?  Then, his brother invited him to come along while he purchased his first vehicle.  To Kevin's surprise, the car they went to purchase turned out to be a Mercedes Benz.  Michael proceeded to show Kevin his consecutive pay stubs of $25,000-$30,000 per week.  It was at this point that Kevin's disbelief of Michael becoming a business owner at such a young age was eliminated. Michael proved to Kevin that what he thought was impossible could become a reality.  Michael's success in such a short period of time encouraged Kevin, in the year 2001, to make the biggest decision of his life.  Kevin let Michael take him under his wing and teach him what he needed to know about direct marketing.  Once Kevin started in the marketing industry, he became conscious of the lack of desire he had toward goals.  Michael’s vision and desire to follow through motivated Kevin beyond even his own expectations.  It was an awakening.  Kevin's pessimism dissipated and, in replacement of those feelings, there was an overwhelming sense of optimism.

Kevin's first paycheck as an entrepreneur was $9.00.  However, with the understanding of creating my own business from scratch, he charged through the entry-level phase.  This period in Kevin's life was the most important because it allowed him to develop his people skills, sales techniques, creativity, positive mental attitude, and, most importantly, leadership.  After 6 weeks, Kevin was promoted to Trainer.  During this phase, he learned the importance of team development and leverage to build what was the start of his business.  It was the expeditious growth of his team that allowed him to achieve his next promotion to Assistant Manager in just three and a half months.  Shortly following was his next promotion to management. This is where he continued to expand his knowledge of the administrative, recruiting, and banking portion of the business. 

In a total of 11 months, Kevin received his first opportunity to expand, opening his own office in Minneola, Long Island.  The Long Island office was known to be one of the best offices in the network, which gave him great pride.  At this point, Kevin was generating over $2,000 per week, which is where he learned the advantages of starting a corporation.  His first fiscal year in business, Kevin generated an income of $186,000.  This boosted his confidence in the decision he made in leaving what was thought to be secure job.  The security that one can give them self, has proven to be more valuable than any security a job can offer. 


Through his perseverance, Kevin D' Adamo eventually became the President and CFO of T.O.P. Marketing Group, a leader in outsourced and successful face-to-face marketing services for top American companies. Kevin's next goal became as clear as day; he wanted to become a millionaire before the age of 30. He has exceeded this goal, and he could not have achieved it without the countless hours of training, teamwork, and sacrifice that was dedicated to him. 

With his brother and partner, Kevin has established his renowned Leadership Development Program to provide the rare opportunity for any type of person to learn both essential business and life skills. Today, he helps develop aspiring entrepreneurs into increasing their personal wealth, achieving their dream lifestyle, and providing for their families. Kevin has developed a passion for mentoring others and giving back to the greater community. He is extremely proud of what T.O.P. Marketing Group has become and certainly looks forward to the bright and thriving future of his company. 

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