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We are T.O.P. Marketing Group, a leader in outsourced and successful face-to-face marketing services for top American companies.


We build success for companies from top Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-sized businesses. 

What We Do


T.O.P. Marketing Group brings new information and products to their customers.


Fully informed, satisfied customers become the best advocates for our clients' brands. 

How We Do It


Solid leadership and consistent team development creates powerful synergy with our customers, clients, and our elite team of customer service professionals here at T.O.P. Marketing Group. 

Your Opportunity

"The Overall Picture includes seeing past the difficulties of the day to imagine what could be. It’s so important to really believe that you can accomplish anything in the entire world. No matter what comes up in life and temporarily knocks you down, stay on your path."

- Michael D' Adamo, Founder & CEO

At the T.O.P.

Michael D' Adamo

Founder & CEO

Kevin D' Adamo

President & CFO

Success Stories

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T.O.P. Marketing Group welcomes people from all walks of life who have the sheer motivation to perform and succeed.

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Whether working residential, business-to-business, retail, or special events, T.O.P. Marketing Group's network offers dependability and results.

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