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Our Code of Ethical Conduct

When it comes to our Code of Ethical Conduct we are inflexible. We demand honesty, integrity, excellence and courtesy. We live by our code. It’s the way we treat clients, customers and each other. Our code is the glue that binds; every aspect of our corporate culture reinforces our core values. You can count on us to do what we say, just like we count on each other. If you can’t abide by this code, you can’t be on our team.


We adhere to the highest industry standards and comply with all state and local licensing and regulatory frameworks, including detailed adherence to Home Owners Association protocols.


Whether you’re a leader, who’s been with us from day one, or an enthusiastic newcomer, we encourage you to fulfill your potential. The playing field is always level. We mentor you, not just in sales and business development but also in life strategies. Your growth potential isn’t based on how much time you have with the company but on your willingness to build your core strength ― your ability to lead.


At T.O.P. people come first.


Our Code of Ethical Conduct is a matter of honor that’s reflected throughout the company; from our C.E.O. to our management team and salesforce, the code is uniform. Whatever the location, we practice what we preach.


Our word is our bond. We demand discipline, dependability, personal responsibility and impeccable customer service. All complaints are acted on immediately. 


Ongoing leadership coaching provides an environment which fortifies the core strengths team members need to assess and meet any situation that arises with discernment. As result, we work in an atmosphere of trust built on professional relationships that last. Our clients feel comfortable knowing their customers will be respected and listened to rather than unduly pressured. 


Our mission is to provide an entrepreneurial environment that honors our clients, customers and team by providing outstanding, uncompromising service in all aspects of direct marketing. 


It’s who we are!

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